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Magnesium Oil Spray

A unique formula of concentrated magnesium for maximum muscle recovery blended in aloe, lavender, and coconut water to restore your skin.

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Muscle Recovery Bath Soak

An ancient ritual for the modern athlete. Soothe muscles, skin and your senses in a luxe immersion of magnesium, honey and essential oils. 

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Muscle Recovery Balm

Immediate relief for muscle aches & pains, smartly designed to apply and take anywhere.

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Fit Mood Board

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Fit girl at Smith Machine

Cassie Lambert's Ultimate Smith Machine Guide To Build Muscle

Learn how to master the Smith Machine by following Cassie Lambert's Ultimate Guide so you can hit the gym with confidence!
10 Best Strength Training Exercises to Lose Weight

10 Best Strength Training Exercises to Lose Weight

Lift weight to lose weight! If you’re hitting a plateau or just getting started this list of weight lifting exercises is perfect for losing fat and building lean muscle.
Fat vs. Keto

Fat vs. Keto

Check out our favorite resources to learn how to get started on the fat blasting Ketogenic diet.